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The author of The Syndicate Series of books, Mark Cunnington, has written for many of the UK's carp magazines over the years. His writing focuses on humour, characterisation and entertainment rather than being instructional or anecdotal. You won't find any details on making up PVA bags in his books, nor will you be bombarded with endless detail on rig paraphenalia and you won't be told how he caught six forties in a fortnight (although there's quite a nice one he did catch to your left!). What you will get is a host of cracking stories, a lot of laughs and the most inventive series of angling novels ever to hit the carp book marketplace. 

Mark's Brand New Book Has Now Been Published.

Entitled, The Fear, it's a remarkable fictional novel based on horrifying events that have taken place in his life.

Extract taken from The Fear, Trio Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9537951-7-8.
John Alfred Dennett has a dream; that of his son becoming a professional footballer. John also has a pact, made as a teenager, to protect him from the chilling events associated with his immediate family.
For decades his pact remains unchallenged until both his parents are diagnosed with dementia. Forced to run their lives as they regress, he too is hauled back to a time he'd rather forget; one where death stalked his family.
Haunted by the past and hemmed in by the present he feels trapped. Then IT happens again and his life is changed forever.


The hilarious "Syndicate" Series of books. A comic, cynical insight into the high pressure UK carp scene.  

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